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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Song of the week - Wishing afterwards was over

This week’s song is ‘Wishing afterwards was over’, taken from Gum’s first album.
It drives along in a pretty muscular style, which might be a surprise for those who thought that the band relied upon electronic atmospheres and textures. The track certainly has its share of atmospherics, but the bongos and distorted wah-wah guitar give it a slightly rougher edge than usual. The distorted effect on the backing vocals works particularly well and, as always, we tried to make it an interesting headphone experience, with lots of little details buried in the mix. 
The song is memorable on a personal level, as it was one of the first specifically written for Leigh Myles at the start of the Gum project.  I had an old track with the same title, but –after tinkering with a few changes to the chords and lyrics- ended up completely re-writing the piece for Leigh.       

The lyric is about getting out of a situation, getting angry and (maybe) getting even.   
The protagonist is revisiting a scene from a recently-ended relationship, looking for what modern psychiatrists might call ‘closure’.  The line about “that stupid song” alludes to the sweet poignancy of ephemeral pop music, the way it can mark, or remind us of, important moments in our lives.  
 I’d be willing to bet, for instance, that everyone reading this can remember exactly where they were the first time they heard ‘It’s Chico time’.  Or maybe not. 
Gum - Wishing afterwards was over

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