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Monday, 5 November 2012

Song of the Week - 'Falling through cracks'

This track is taken from Gum’s second album ‘Seven Feeble Alibis’.  Although the fine detail in the production was often the key element of Gum’s sound, the playing on this cut demonstrates that the musicians could also cut it as a ‘kick ass’ ensemble.  So many aspects of the Gum sound are represented here; the verses are moody, the choruses dazzle you with harmony and the coda is like Garbage paying tribute to Burt Bacharach by way of a James Bond theme.  One reviewer observed that the contrapuntal vocals on the chorus made this song more complicated than it had to be.  Lovers of straight lines and simplicity would probably prefer that Leigh’s vocals stood alone, but I’m rather fond of the interplay between the lines.    

The somewhat dark lyric explores the idea of watching someone you care about go downhill, fast.    

Gum - Falling through cracks

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