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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Song of the Week: 'Alchemy, Adam and Eve'

To set the tone for the New Year, here is a new track that has not yet been aired in public.  The song has been on my ‘to do’ list for a few years; I’ve had the tune and the title for a while, but only recently settled on a final draft of the lyric. 

The pseudo-scientific practice of alchemy sought to transmute base metal into gold.  The base metal, in this case, is represented by two hungry, desperate and essentially talentless kids seeking their big break into the world of showbiz, or, to be more precise, the glitzy and ephemeral world of d-list celebrity.   

The lyric focuses on how each of them is exploited by the user /consumer. The girl in the first verse is using her sexuality for career purposes, attempting to hook up with the most profitable connections.  The second verse features an emotionally-crippled boy who is winding an ever-more grim and grubby path from reality TV to porn to something resembling a snuff movie, such is his desire to be recognized, admired, loved and celebrated. The chorus reminds us that people like this wouldn’t be prominent unless people like us were willing to make them prominent by watching them, laughing at them and looking down our noses at them. Which is, I suppose, kind of what this song does.  Maybe, as the middle eight suggests, we’ve all developed a taste for “a little bit of savage.’’

The track was mostly recorded at home with me playing everything except drums, before heading to Stealth Studios where Ed MacArthur whipped the vocals and the rest of it into shape.  It may, or may not, be re-recorded with some ‘proper’ musicians once I get around to assembling the next album. 

Alchemy, Adam and Eve

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  1. Good stuff, looking forward to the full band version if it happens! All very Glenn Tilbrook!