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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Song of the Week: 'Citizen Dumb'

The youtube comments section appears to be dominated by creatures from a universe of anti-manners, a realm in which people can’t reed, wryte or spel. And; have avery poor grasp. Of: the rules of punctuation and grammer? - LOL!!!! 
On the surface, Twitter might have the appearance of something more witty and civilized, but it does have an ugly side and I knew that, sooner or later, I’d have to write a lyric that would make some reference to that.  Much as it can be a fun place to hang out for a while, it’s also likely to make you feel a bit unclean. 
This song reflects on one of the negative aspects of the medium, namely, the tendency to indulge in witch hunts. There are certain celebrities (for the sake of decency, I won’t name and shame them here), who like to use their followers to help them ‘win’ arguments. When I say 'help them win arguments', I mean help them close down all discussion and debate, having terrorised their opponents by letting loose the dogs of war. Or, to be more accurate: terrorising their opponents by letting loose the gibbering monkeys who think it’s a crime to have an alternative point of view. 
In that sense, the key lines in the song are:‘Don’t need to see it to believe it, because I’ll believe it when I read it ... and when I read it, I’ll re-tweet it’. 
I actually started work on the backing track for this one several years ago, when I was collating material for the ‘Film your own Atrocities’ album.  I was never that happy with the original lyric and melody, so it stayed on the shelf gathering dust until the tail end of last year, when I added new bass and keyboard parts and re-wrote the words.   

Citizen Dumb

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