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Monday, 11 March 2013

Song of the week: 'He used to want to be with me'

A few years ago I had the idea that I would write an album of songs for one of my favourite singers, kd lang.  The album would be called ‘Songs for Katherine’ and would feature various vocalists, male and female, singing songs that –in my head at least- would fit comfortably within kd’s oeuvre.  Let’s be clear: I had absolutely no showbiz connection with her and realistically, next to no chance of getting a song into the grubby mits of her people.  And, even if I did, she probably wouldn’t like the stuff anyway.  Whatever.  That didn’t stop me putting pen to paper at various points with a view to writing my big country hit.  Here’s one of the songs from that chimerical project.  It features Kelsey Hunter on vocals and also features some lovely guitar work from Peter McAteer, my ‘go-to’ guitar guy.  The song is written from the point of view of someone who has messed up a situation pretty badly and is left with nothing but their own sympathy, which is worth about twenty-five percent of hee-haw.  I recorded a ‘male’ version of the song (She used to want to be with me), but Peter’s splendid guitar work (and Kelsey’s vocal) gives this one the edge.     

He used to want to be with me

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