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Monday, 22 April 2013

Song of the Week: 'If she gets on my train'

A friend once told me that my lyrics tended towards the melancholic, so –just for a change- I thought I would try to write something that was a bit more upbeat.  This one tried its best, but somehow still ended up with a sting in the tail. 

The lyric tries to get inside the head of a guy who nurses a crush on a girl he sees every day when he commutes to work.  I imagined that the song would have a happy ending (with the guy asking the girl out and them both living happily ever after), but it lay about in a half-finished state for a couple of years and, by the time I got around to finishing it a couple of months ago, it had acquired something of a twist.  The protagonist is trying to imagine a situation in which he will have the courage to make an approach to the girl, but with every situation he imagines (she gets on his train, she walks down his street), the recognition comes that all he will ever do is continue to do what he has always done: nothing at all.  He knows that he will never pluck up the courage to ask the girl out and settles instead for running little fantasy numbers in his head.  Oh well ... maybe failure is just a bit more interesting than success.   
The track features a couple of splendid contributions from Fraser Sneddon on bass and Emma Jane on backing vocals.    

If she gets on my train

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