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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Song of the Week: 'Low flying kites'

This week’s song is ‘Low-flying Kites’ by Gum, the closing track from the ‘Seven Feeble Alibis’ album.  It’s one of the band’s finest moments, showcasing as it does some of the key elements in their oeuvre: wistful vocals, lush chords and creamy textures, all framed within a delicate atmospheric soundscape. Reviewers often compared Gum to the likes of Morcheeba, Zero 7 and One Dove and it’s not that difficult to spot the common denominators.  

As the unusually glorious Scottish summer starts to drizzle to a close, this seems like an appropriate song of the week, evoking, as it does, images of hilly inner-city parks on hot, windless summer afternoons. It features an optimistic lyric about hanging onto dreams and doing your own thing.  When last I checked, there was no law against doing your own thing, unless your ‘thing’ happens to be a member of the animal kingdom. This was a fine closing track for the album and, teasingly buried in the detail, there are a couple of musical and lyrical quotes for true anoraks to spot.  Membership of the tragic freemasonry of muso geeks awaits anyone who can spot these quotes.       

Gum - Low flying kites

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