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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Clever dogs.

A friend has recently brought to my attention a TV show about rescue dogs being taught to fly planes. It has inspired me to dust off this idea which I've had for a while and which I'm convinced will be a smash hit TV series.
The plot goes like this:

There is a crack squad of rescue dogs who can fly planes (and who get up to various good deeds etc.) but who are under constant attack from other 'bad' airbound dogs trying to shoot them down. After one particularly fearsome and bloody attack, some of the rescue dogs escape in parachutes and land on an island where they start a new society, based on 'civilised' dog values. But then they discover towards the end of season 2 that the island is part of a massive experiment being run by the 'evil' dogs who shot them down in the first place. After a bloody rebellion, one of the 'good' dogs manages to escape from the island, only to discover that the whole concept of the 'civilised' dog world was merely an idea that was planted within the dream of one of the rescue dogs by a dissident scientist dog, who believes that the leader of the 'evil' dog cult has gone insane and needs to be overthrown by the 'chosen one' i.e. one of the original rescue dogs. 
He (the dissident scientist dog) believes this dog to be the 'chosen one' because of a strange formation of bones that he finds buried in his garden (he's a dog - what else would you expect?), so he invents a machine that allows him to plant the idea of a 'civilised' dog world within a dream being had by the 'chosen' dog, hoping that -when he awakes- he will start the movement that will eventually overthrow the 'evil' dog leader.

The box set will have all sorts of extras, like a map of the island, back stories of the major characters, deleted scenes etc. I just need to come up with a good title.

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