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Monday, 10 September 2012

Song of the week: Asleep at the wheel

This is an acoustic re-working of a song that, in an ideal world, would have been made famous by Gum.  It was recorded for their 2003 ‘Low-flying Kites’ album, then later given a lush makeover for single release.  The original demo was a little bit 'down and dirty' before the band transformed it into something in the folky-electronica vein.  This version is probably closer in style to my original demo of the song and the slightly bitter tone of the vocal seems to suit the subject material.  Stripped right back to basics, this acoustic version manages to retain the kind of condemnatory vibe befitting what is -in effect- a piece of character assassination.  As usual, the names have been left out in order to protect the guilty.
Asleep at the wheel (Raymond acoustic)

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