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Monday, 3 September 2012

Song of the week: Miles until morning

In answer to, literally, a request, I’m going to start posting a 'song of the week' on this blog.  I’ve been doing it on my website for a while, so it’s about time some other folk got to suffer for my art.  The idea is simple: each week, we’ll feature a different song from my extensive back catalogue of non-hits, along with a little bit of background information on each track.  Many of these songs could have been successful, but only if they had been written, produced and recorded by someone more talented. 

This week’s track is ‘Miles until Morning’ taken from the second Eisenhowers album ‘Film your own Atrocities’. 
A couple of years ago, I was playing with a band that was doing some work with the charming singer Sam Brown and I had the notion that this song might have suited her down to the ground.  Abject cowardice (and a fearsome minder in a suit) stopped me handing my demo to Ms Brown after a gig one night in Perth.  That’s Perth, Scotland and not Perth, Australia.  Who knows what might have happened had I managed to seize that particular moment?  Anyway … Sam didn’t cover the song, but she did once borrow the piano on which it was written and recorded.  Perhaps rock historians might one day deem that fact to be significant … but probably not. 

Backing vocals on this track are provided by Kelsey Hunter, a splendid young Scottish singer about whom you may well be hearing a lot more.

The Eisenhowers - Miles until morning

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