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Friday, 5 October 2012

Song of the week - 25 o'clock

This week’s song is ’25 o’clock’, taken from the first Eisenhowers album. 

It represents something of a brief assault on the senses, crammed as it is with retro synths, a disco bassline, crashing powerchords and harmonies straight out of the Beatles songbook.  The original demo started off sounding a bit like Squeeze impersonating the Rutles, but once we started to kick the song around in rehearsals, wiser council prevailed.  We eventually settled on this slightly retro (but hopefully not cheesy) arrangement, with Ronan Breslin contributing the funky synth (complete with mad solo), while Paul Gray and Billy Devine cook up a storm in the rhythm section.      

The lyric is about two people trying to inhabit a private space away from all notions of personal responsibility.  The line “You learn from experience that you don’t learn much from experience” is key to illustrating the folly of dwelling in the kind of fantasy world conjured up by the self-deluding losers in this song.  Incidentally, there is no thematic link between this piece and the rather fine Dukes of Stratosphear song of the same name. 


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