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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Song of the Week - 'Reign of the Stupid'

It was once said that if you put a million monkeys on a million typewriters, they would eventually come up with a Shakespearian play.  Someone very smart has pointed out that the internet has rendered this remark demonstrably untrue.  I hold to the theory that the person who came up with the monkey /typewriter /Shakespeare / theory was probably a monkey.      
When I wrote this song, I was influenced by watching a TV programme on the ‘National Television Awards’.  There were some very well-dressed people being rewarded, celebrated, congratulated and fawned over for their various televisual efforts.  As this song says, they were giving themselves prizes and everything.  As a consequence, they probably felt even better about themselves than they did before.  Isn’t showbiz just great? 
Anyway, I can’t sit here talking all day ... I’m going to zap channels, because I really don’t want to miss ‘Help, I’m almost as fat as my dog!  On a musical note, the chords on this song are pretty nice and I feel truly honoured to have nicked them from some of my favourite artists. 

Reign of the stupid - The Eisenhowers

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